Koi Hotel

Why the need for Koi Hotel stay?

Koi hotel stays are meant for temporary relocation of your kois. This arrangement is necessary when repair works are planned for your koi pond - mostly to repair leaks in ponds that often comes from fountains or waterfalls, or to improve performance of filters which may have design flaws (built too small or completely wrong piping system resulting in 'green water'), or to widen the pond making it deeper or wider.

With your koi collection staying with us at the koi hotel will ensure that they are safe and in good care while allowing our contractors to carry out the repair works for your koi pond. 

Our Hotel Facilities


Hotel facilities for your koi - well supported by power disruption equipment

A section of our outlet is dedicated for Koi Hotel with pond sizes 4 to 8 tons water. These ponds are supported by AC back-up units as a safeguard should a power failure occur. Koi upon ''check-in'' are inspected for any injuries or infections and will be treated before they are settled into the pond.

Our fee is based on the size and number of koi as these factors would determine the size of our pond to house your koi. We charge a minimum one month's stay. Beyond one month, our rate, at weekly interval, is lower than the initial first month. 

Our staff rounding up koi

This popular service is carried out by our trained staff accompanied with a complete set of equipment to pack and transport your koi. We require 3 days notice in advance for this service and it is important to fast your koi before we pack and transfer them to the koi hotel. 


Koi returning to our customers' pond after a comfortable hotel stay
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