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About Us


We carry full range koi food, pond accessories, service koi ponds and attend to house calls to treat sick koi. A major part of our activities is devoted to design and build koi ponds placing emphasis on building efficient and effective filtration system.

In total, we have 31 concrete ponds within a 8,100 sq ft in-door set-up.  Quarantine and treatment ponds are built isolated and several ponds dedicated as Koi Hotel for customers’ koi.

We take pride keeping our retail outlet simple, clean and nice; with crystal clear water for koi and great surrounding for our visitors. We strive to make your visit as interactive as possible with well-displayed explanations of our products. 

Our staff are knowledgeable in koi keeping and will be able to answer your questions and assist you in whatever you need to know about koi keeping so as to help make your koi indulgence an exciting and meaningful one.

We welcome you to visit us and be delighted by the World of Nishikigoi, all within Johor !

The latest…

HDPE timber is now popular in the market as an alternative to natural wood.  This natural wood look-alike is suitable for koi pond filter covers, decking and garden fencing.

Imported from USA, it has been proven to be a very reliable product!

Our Values

We are honest, reliable, hard working and always ready to share our koi knowledge with customers. 

We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to offer better products and services and to promote the koi culture in Malaysia.

Our Staff

Our dedicated and friendly staff have vast knowledge of koi, pond systems and water for koi.

Many positive feedback and nice words of praise have been received from our customers.  We are grateful and will continue to create an environment to challenge ourselves to greater heights with the purpose to bring better values to everyone.
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