Visit to Niigata - Ojiya and Yamakoshi 12 to 20 April 2014


Upon arriving Niigata, we wasted no time and headed for several small farms in the Ojiya areas.  High up on the hilly roads, snow was still melting away and it was really cold.

We were hunting for top quality Jumbo Tosai (one year old Koi) up to 35-40 cm which are normally available from April onwards as well as stocks of normal sized Tosai.  Of course I also looked for good quality two years olds for our many interested customers and a few larger four years old of around 70 cm for another customer.


Purchased Koi will be arriving at our outlet early morning 1 May.  Viewing and purchase of these koi will only be available after quarantine.  

Published : 28-Apr-2014

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